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2007-09-05 12:00:34 by Ben

ON Wednesday morning my brother woke me up and told me to get the fuck out of my bed, he has twice my strength so I'm not going to argue with him. I'd been blazing up till all hours the morning before so I got up and my mind was not exactly clear...

I went downstairs to see what he wanted me for, when I reached the living room I looked in and liked what I saw. On the table sat an ounce of beautiful weed, 2 crates of beer, a few cartons of smokes and a tent. Turned out one of his mates had invited us to go up to one of the smaller lochs near Loch Lomond for a nice little session.

So we jumped in the his car and sped off, the roads on the way are crazy - tiny little single track that we were reaching 80mph on. One mistake and we're in the bushes. Hurrah. When we reached the actual campsite. Well, it wasn't so much a campsite as a tiny little beach right next to a forrest in the middle of nowhere - a wall of mountains on the otherside sheltering us from the wind.

First priority was fire. It always is when your out in the middle of nowhere. It's instictual. Warmth and food, two of the most important luxuries, and something you want to keep going the whole time you're their.

Things start to get a little hazy after the first four or five beers and... I'm not even going to pretend I remember how many spliffs we smoked. A good number anyway. Apart from the food (which was amazing - lamb shanks, sausages and banana splits for desert) my other main memories are of peacefulness. Just sitting in almost total silence, only the sound of nature round about was beautiful. It's rare to come across such tranquility in every day life - you just don't get the time - let alone the oppertunity to seek it.

The tent was pretty cramped and cold, but it was good enough for sleeping in.

Comfort isn't really a major concern though - just being out in nature, away from stress with a chance for some relaxation is amazing and I recommend it to anyone.

If you don't feel you can leave behind home comforts and electronics then maybe its worth looking at your priorities in life. It's pretty sad to be reliant on them.


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2007-12-16 18:00:13

Me too.


2008-01-03 16:42:51

Hey! We both have Bronze whistles!


2008-01-16 14:31:48

See? Drugs are good for you.

You make it sound so beautiful.


2008-05-19 17:57:55

Thank you for the endorsement.


2008-06-23 09:49:14

This sounds a lot like hunting, especially your thoughts on it. I've thought your thoughts before in the deer stand, out in the pheasant fields, out on the lake when we're looking for ducks and everywhere else, I'm glad you have experience this.


2008-06-27 08:35:49

Did you guys have gay buttsex?


2008-09-22 15:15:22

I'm sorry.


2008-09-23 20:21:50

Wow, I would love to do that. Just awesomness.


2012-04-01 23:12:03



2012-09-23 16:31:02

You shouldn't have done that.